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Beaufort and walnut ravioli (c) OT La Rosière

Gastronomy : our best addresses in La Rosière

During your stay at the chalet, meals will be an important moment. La Rosière is not short of good addresses, more or less secret. We share our favorites; let us know what you discover!

The right suppliers

A well-known address, confirmed by the reviews on the internet, is located at the Terrasses, just next to the spa and the cinema: the Montagne des saveurs. It is our supplier of ready-to-eat raclette platters, including potatoes, and fondues. It is also where we discover good charcuterie, and a good choice of wines (our favorite comes from the house of Jean Vuillien). La Montagne des saveurs also makes excellent sandwiches, useful for hiking. For everything, order at least the day before. A key address throughout the stay, winter and summer.

Right next door, the Ledemé bakery-pastry shop has brought to La Rosière a very appreciable level of quality. In the morning, don't hesitate to melt for its croissants in a solid breakfast before joining the slopes. Good choice of breads and excellent pastries.

A little further down the street, at the foot of the Troika building, Chez Robert offers a catering service all week long, for those who want to avoid the kitchen, and a good butcher's department. For our part, we have a soft spot for its generous blueberry pie with an almond base. By the way, don't call him Robert because that's not his first name.

Still on the resort side, but in the shopping center, the Haute-Tarentaise Dairy Cooperative has a well-stocked Beaufort and Reblochon cheese outlet.

At the end, we go to Les Eucherts, with the treasures of a sales point that distributes the products of the family farms: Aux délices fermiers. Excellent hams, and all the products to make "custom-made raclettes".

The restaurants

To avoid the kitchen or to meet with friends, La Rosière is enriched with beautiful places.

Opinions seem to converge as to the quality of the Génépi, a restaurant in the center of La Rosière, but also directly accessible at the end of the pedestrian path that comes from Les Eucherts. In a warm setting, with a very nice view from the windows, the Génépi also conceals some treasures like the nems with reblochon cheese, walnuts, pears and honey, or the egg in a casserole. Excellent meat (beef filet). For dinner, count 60-70 € per person, depending on the wines chosen. Reservations are essential in season.

In Les Eucherts, the Ancolie has its fans for lunch and dinner, both for the food and the view.

On the slopes, it is at the Antigel that we stop for lunch - especially to keep warm when the weather is bad - and to have a drink at the end of the day - especially to enjoy the exceptional sunset during the beautiful days.