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We offer you the simplest and clearest Terms and Conditions of Rental possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss them. The text is the version attached to the Special Conditions of the Rental Agreement established for each rental.

Special Covid-19

Although the rental contract is made from one individual to another, the article Cancellation takes into account the cases of prohibition of displacement taken by public Authorities.

In practice, in a "normal" situation:
  • if the cancellation is made at the latest 30 days before arrival: 25% of the amount is due.
  • if the cancellation is made less than 30 days before the arrival: the whole amount is due.
These conditions, which correspond to the usual logic of vacation rentals, are not well adapted to the uncertainty experienced during a health crisis, hence our desire to adjust the clause in the face of possible restrictions.
The stay will be refunded in full in case of cancellation, up to the day of departure, for reasons related to a limitation of the ability to visit the place (" total impossibility to stay" ):
  • if the government of the country of origin of the person who made the reservation prohibits all but essential travel abroad to France;
  • if the travel restrictions, ordered by the French Administration in response to Covid 19, prevent the person who made the reservation from going to the place of stay even though he/she has complied with the sanitary provisions( validsanitary pass in particular);
  • if the Chalet is subject to a reception restriction, ordered by the French Administration in response to Covid 19.
This arrangement is intended to compensate for the exclusion of "cancellation" insurance, where the pandemic is generally not covered.
Please note that the closure of ski lifts or the cancellation of other activities outside of your stay at the Chalet cannot, by themselves, be a cause for cancellation without charge. These services are separate from the vacation rental contract. Some optional "cancellation" insurance may cover these cases.

The "Vacation Rental Agreement" is made between the owners of the cottage, hereinafter referred to as the Lessor, and the Tenant, signing on behalf of all persons who participate in the same purpose and therefore agree to be bound by this agreement.


The parties agree that the rental which is the subject of the present document is a furnished seasonal rental for the period chosen and specified in the Special Rental Conditions attached to the present document. As a consequence, they agree that They agree that their respective rights and obligations will be governed by the stipulations of the present contract, by the modified decree of December 28, 1976 and by the provisions of the Civil Code.


The accommodation which is the object of the present document is an apartment of 5 main rooms, with a garage, located in the Chalet L'Esquirol, at the place called Manessier, in La Rosière, 73700 Montvalezan, France. It is precisely designated in the Particular Rental Conditions attached to this document.

L’appartement a une surface habitable de 104 m² et a fait l’objet d’un classement de meublé de tourisme en date du 15 septembre 2017, renouvelé le 12 septembre 2022.

The apartment consists of :

· au 1er étage : deux chambres dont une avec balcon, une salle d’eau, une salle de bains et un WC,
· au 2e étage : un séjour avec cuisine ouverte et terrasse,
· au 3e étage : une chambre avec salle de bains intégrée et avec une mezzanine, une chambre avec salle d’eau intégrée et un WC indépendant.
· un local à ski indépendant
· deux emplacements de parking couvert au rez-de-chaussée du chalet.


The property is rented for a maximum of 12 occupants (including extra beds). The Tenant expressly agrees not to exceed this number.


Sauf clause particulière, le Bailleur loue au Preneur le logement saisonnier :
• du samedi à partir de 16 heures
• au samedi suivant à 9 heures.


The rent includes, for the entire duration of the rental, the payment of the rental charges and the available supplies mentioned below: running water, electricity, heating, Internet access by wifi.

The tenant will have to pay in addition the tourist tax at the rate in force (entirely paid to the Town Hall) and the possible options which he will have subscribed.


In order to proceed with the reservation of the accommodation, the Tenant shall send the Landlord a deposit of 25% of the rental amount either by check made out to the Landlord or by bank transfer. The payment of the deposit implies acceptance of the present conditions and of the particular conditions of the rental (dates of stay and designated apartment).


The balance of the rent is paid by the Tenant 30 days before the handover of the keys, either by check or by bank transfer.


At the latest upon entering the premises, the Tenant shall remit to the Landlord an amount of 750,00 € (seven hundred and fifty euros) as a security deposit intended to cover all or part of the possible rental damages and/or return to a good state of cleanliness.

The following are included as rental damages: all damage, deterioration of the accommodation, as well as damage, loss or theft caused to the movable property in the accommodation, during the rental period.

In the absence of rental damage, the security deposit will be returned to the Tenant within a maximum of 15 days after his departure.

In the case of rental damage, the security deposit will be returned within a maximum of 2 months, after deducting the expenses incurred to repair the damage suffered, with justification and invoices.


The present seasonal rental contract is concluded for the benefit of the Tenant alone. Any transfer of the present lease, any total or partial subletting, any provision - even free of charge - are strictly forbidden. The Tenant may not make the premises available, even free of charge and/or by loan, to a person outside his household.


An inventory of fixtures will be made available to the Tenant who will then have 48 hours to make possible contestations, by sms, email or mail.

In the absence of any dispute by the Tenant within 48 hours, the inventory of fixtures established by the Landlord shall be deemed accepted by the Tenant.

At the end of the rental period, the Tenant shall inform the Landlord of any breakdowns, breakages, losses or other events in relation to the initial inventory.


The Lessor declares that he is the owner of the dwelling and that he has the free disposal and full enjoyment of it during the period defined in article 4.

The Lessor undertakes to maintain the rental property which is the subject of this contract in a satisfactory state of maintenance, cleanliness and safety. The Lessor undertakes to inform the Tenant as soon as possible of any change beyond its control that could modify the comfort or disturb the enjoyment of the rented property (nuisance, breakdown of equipment, etc.).

In the event that an appliance or material having a major influence on the Tenant's comfort should fail, the Landlord undertakes to implement the means to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

He will have to make sure that the Tenant benefits from a full and complete enjoyment of the rented property, over the period. He will ensure that the keys are handed over. He will refrain from disturbing the comfort or tranquility of the Tenant during the rental.


The Tenant will make a peaceful use of the rented accommodation, furniture and equipment according to the destination which was given to them by the lease and will answer for the degradations and losses which could occur during the duration of the contract in the buildings of which it has the enjoyment.

He/she agrees to make normal and reasonable use of the means of comfort (heating, water, etc.), of the internet access, as well as of the equipment (household appliances, multimedia, kitchen, etc.) put at his/her disposal.

The Lessee is prohibited from making copies of the keys provided by the Lessor.

He must avoid any noise that may disturb the neighbors, especially those emitted by radio, television and other devices.

He undertakes to inform the Lessor as soon as possible of any breakdown, damage, incident or malfunction, in order to enable the Lessor to take steps to remedy the situation.

The Tenant is responsible for the use of the Internet access provided during the rental period. He will be responsible for any fraudulent use or access to unauthorized servers.


The presence of pets in the accommodation is strictly forbidden, whatever the duration.


S’il renonce unilatéralement à la location, le Preneur est uniquement redevable des sommes déjà versées ou exigibles à la date de notification de l’annulation.
Toute modification de date de séjour sera considérée comme une annulation.

The Taker is invited to take out cancellation insurance if he wishes to cover this risk.

If, due to an unforeseeable exceptional situation, the Public Authorities take a decision that makes it impossible to stay, the cancellation conditions will be adapted to take into account the laws or regulations applicable in this case.


The Tenant indicates that he/she has insurance covering the rental risks. A copy of the insurance policy may be requested by the Lessor from the Tenant at the time of the reservation or upon entering the premises. Otherwise, the Tenant must take out a specific insurance policy.


In the event of a breach by the Lessee of any of its contractual obligations, this lease shall be terminated as of right.


For the performance of the present contract, the Lessor and the Tenant elect domicile in their respective residences, as indicated in the heading of the present contract. However, in the event of a dispute, the court of the Lessor's domicile shall have sole jurisdiction. This contract is subject to French law and only the French version is authentic.